Microdermabrasion.. worth it?

Short answer, YES!

Recently I was watching a few of my favourite insta-famous “it” girls, and noticed a new beauty trend which claimed to smooth and brighten tired or dull skin.

After some extensive research, and multiple YouTube videos, I decided a microdermabrasion treatment was something I needed to get.

Microdermabrasion by definition is “a cosmetic treatment in which the face is sprayed with exfoliant crystals to remove dead epidermal cells”.

the actual microdermabrasion process took roughly 10 minutes, but I was in there start to finish for around an hour, which included skin cleansing, facial scrub, peel, microdermabrasion session, face mask, décolletage massage, and face  cream to finish up. the microdermabrasion treatment itself was great. It felt mostly like a sucking motion over the skins surface, with a slight scratchy feel. At no time was I uncomfortable, or my skin irritated.

After the facial, WOW! My skin has never felt so smooth, or looked so bright. unfortunately I don’t have any before and after photos, as I didn’t know I would write this blog post, but my next one I get, I’ll be sure to post.

My skin was very smooth, bright, and many of the discolouration and impurities seemed to be gone. I have very troublesome skin (uneven skin tone and lots of breakouts), so this treatment was highly recommended by the beauty therapist who gave the treatment that day. They were great, answered all my questions, and as the treatment progressed they explained each step of the process and the benefits it would have for my skin.

I would rate this 10/10. I will absolutely be going back for another treatment! side-note, if you’re short on cash (as these can be anywhere around the $130 mark. Groupon nearly always has some great deals available. Groupon is where I fond this deal for Pure Harmony skin clinic down in Cronulla NSW, if you’re local check them out!


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