GLAMGLOW – ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment



All catchy songs aside, is this small pot of gold worth our hard earned coin, and does it live up to all the hype?

in my opinion, yes! Ive just had my first “face to face” experience with Glamglow, and I have to say, so far I’m impressed! From the super cute bright and funky packaging, down to its luxurious nutty smell and smooth texture, its an all round winner for me so far.

I firstly cleansed and patted dry my face. Then using my fingers I smoothed about one fourth of the small pots content onto my face using gentle swiping motions, being careful to avoid eye areas. The face mask itself is smooth when rubbed between the fingers, and quiet translucent, which makes it hard to see once its smothered all over your face, but rest assured its there, as you can feel it start to cool and tingle all over your face.

Its main objectives to moisturise, replenish, and soothe the skin for a radiant complexion.

I left the ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment on for roughly 20-25 minutes, and washed it off gently using a warm face washer.


FullSizeRenderbefore/with mask/after mask

Truth be told, I do not have the most amazing smooth skin with fab complexion, so anything that assists the look and feel of my skin, or has the potential to ease any redness and blemishes… I’m the first in line!

My personal experience with this was amazing. My skin feels cool, “lightweight” meaning not heavy and clogged (which I have experienced with some other face mask brands), and also smooth. My skins appearance seems brighter and fresh. I also felt like when I applied my night cream, that it absorbed into my skin really well.

THE VERDICT? Although a regular size pot of Glamglow can set you back anywhere from $98.00 AUD, you can opt for the smaller “fun size” pots which are under $30.00 AUD, which is really a great way to figure out which face mask is most beneficial for your skin type before splurging out. win-win!

I really loved this product, and I would recommend getting out to MECCA to try for yourself.





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